Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lurve Affair Contest

ha weiihh.. mari kita join contest lagiiii.. tapi... kalini bukan di kalangan blogger.. tapi dianjurkan oleh nuffnang.. kamon... :p mari join.. nak tau details? klik ajelah pada gambo atau pun... pada link ni...

dan here's terms n conditions:
  1. Write a blog post titled "My LURVE Affair with XXX" in your blog.
  2. Upon completing your blog post, kindly send an email to with details of yourself such as your full name, IC number and the permalink of your written blog post.
  3. Kindly state the following in your email "I've read the Terms & Conditions of this contest and will adhere to it". Failure to provide this statement in your email will result in a disqualification of entry.

*By participating in this contest, you acknowledge that you've read the Terms and Conditions and will adhere to it.

Judging Criteria
  1. Creative content of LURVE Affair – 70%
  2. Creative Integrate LURVE into the Story 15%
    • LURVE Multigrain Chips
    • Healthier Snacking
  3. Posting creative pictures featuring LURVE pack – 15%
Contest Mechanics
  1. Based on the creativity of their blog entries, 6 bloggers will be shortlisted for an audition with 8TV.
  2. 3 bloggers will be selected to shoot their Lurve Affair video. They will be interviewed on TV and given a chance to campaign for their Lurve Affair video.
  3. The Lurve Affair video with the highest number of votes on the Lurve Facebook Fanpage will win the Grand Prize.

* aku tak join lagi pun... saje je bitau sal contest ni.. hati tak terbukak lagi nak join... heheheh. tunggulah.. mana tau aku join jugak nanti..

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